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2024 CCC Annual Exhibition Category Winners

Image 1
Prints, Mono open - Peloton by Chris Flood
Image 2
Prints, Mono landscape - Two trees on a golf course by Miles Thompson
Image 3
Exhibition prints, Colour open - Pipes of a different hue by Angela Karney
Image 4
Prints, Colour landscape - On Thursley Common by Chris Flood
Image 5
Prints, Color nature - Elephants enjoying the dust by Mike Hall
Image 6
Prints, Digital art - We plough the fields by Donna Gorin
Image 7
Prints, Portrait - Street portrait by Pete Baldrey
Image 8
Projected, Open - Abstracts in ice by Ann Smith
Image 9
Projected, Landscape - Namibia with dune by Elizabeth Bulley
Image 10
Projected, Nature - Four-spotted chasers mating in flight by Ann Smith
Image 11
Projected, Digital art - The Sensation Of Speed by Tim Cheshire
Image 12
Projected, Panel - Bathroom capers by Ann Smithh


Cranleigh Camera Club

CCC is a small friendly club catering for people of all ages and photographic abilities and is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Surrey Photographic Association.

If you enjoy photography and may be looking to improve your photographic skills, or wish to share your photographic experiences with other like minded people, then please come along to one of our meetings. The "About Us" tab above provides more information about the club and how to find us. You can also find us on the Cranleigh Camera Club Group Facebook page on the internet. (See "Useful Links" on this page to access our Facebook site.)


Roundup of recent club activities

(For a full summary of all previous club meetings go to Activities archive page and select the year.)

11 April - Cranleigh hosted the 2-way interclub competion with Ludshott which was judged by Sheena Rogers ARPS. Congratulations to Ludshott Camera Club winning both the Nature and Open sections with a very strong selection of images. The overall points awarded were:

Section Cranleigh Camera Club Ludshott Camera Club
Nature   88.5   91.5
Open 161.0 169.0
Total 249.5 260.5

Cranleigh club members can view the full table of results in the members area using this link Table of results.

28 March and 4 April 2024 - No meetings - The club's EASTER BREAK

23 March - The club held its annual exhibition at the Cranleigh Village Hall. We had 213 prints and 119 projected digital images on display in 12 categories and we received much praise from visitors for the high standard of prints on show. Rob Bonfield judged the exhibition entries and declared Elephants enjoying the dust as the overall winner and Best in Exhibition.

Chris Flood
Elephants enjoying the dust by Mike Hall

A full summary of the exhibition category winners is shown in the table below. (The full table of awards can be found in the members only section.)

Category Image title Photographer
1 - Monochrome Prints, Open Subject Peloton Chris Flood FIPF ARPS
2 - Monochrome Prints, Landscape Two trees on a golf course Miles Thompson
3 - Colour Prints, Open Subject Pipes of a different hue Angela Karney
4 - Colour Prints, Landscape On Thursley Common Chris Flood FIPF ARPS
5 - Colour Prints, Nature Elephants enjoying the dust (BIE) Mike Hall
6 - Prints, Digital Art We plough the fields Donna Gorin LRPS
7 - Prints, Portraits Street portrait  Pete Baldrey
8 - Projected, Open Subject Abstracts in ice Ann Smith ARPS
9 - Projected, Landscape Namibia with dune Elizabeth Bulley
10 - Projected, Nature Four-spotted chasers mating Ann Smith ARPS
11 - Projected, Digital Art The sensation of speed Tim Cheshire
12 - PDI Panels Bathroom Capers Ann Smith ARPS

The exhibition venue and exhibits in the main hall - pictures by Donna Gorin

21 March - Our 4th PDI + Mono prints competitions with the set subject Less is more was judged by Tim Morland ARPS. In the PDI competition he awarded maximum marks to Julian Hall in the open section and to Angela Karney in the set subject.
In the Mono print competition he awarded 10 to images from Chris Flood and Elizabeth Bulley in the open section and to images from Chris Flood and Mike Guy for the set subject as follows:

PDI Open section:

Egret with Lizard by Julian Hall

PDI Set subject section - Less is more

Pebble on the beach by Angela Karney

Mono print Open section:

Man with an Eccentric Hat by Chris Flood and The shelter by Elizabeth Bulley

Mono print Set subject section - Less is more

Three Cormorants on a Pole by Chris Flood and Early morning swimmer, Tilgate lake by Mike Guy

14 March - An excellent presentation by club member Chris Flood FIPF ARPS - Into the west: aspects of Ireland. He gave a brief geo political overview of Donegal, the most northern county in Ireland, re its population, economy, climate, etc. and illustrated his talk with numerous images showing the varied landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes taken at different times of year, as well as the fauna and flora of the region. He concluded with examples of interesting photogenic buildings, ruins, historic edifices and shrines that are emblematic of the county. Some examples illustrating his talk are shown below.




7 March - Graeme Wales CPAGB judged our 4th colour print competition which included the Set subject: Less is more. He awarded images from Ron Boon and Norman Price a 10 in the open section and to Paul Jenks and Ron Boon for their images in the set subject section.

Open section:

Ladies day out by Ron Boon and The Rembrandt touch by Norman Price

Set subject section - Less is more

Crosby beach by Ron Boon


29 February  - Our annual Match-a-Print competition was judged by Ron Boon. Both teams each had 40 images from which they could chose a match and in a close fought competition the ladies team narrowly beat the gentlemen’s team by a mere 3 points (29 vs 26) having been 15-14 down at half time. The gentleman managed to match only 8 of the 20 ladies prints and where the ladies went first the ladies managed only 7 matches but as they had had more prints judged as the better image, 22 to the men's 18, they were the overall winners of the competition. All in all a good fun evening with much heckling and good humour!

22 February  - A meeting reserved simply for members to bring all their entries and completed entry forms for the club's Annual Exhibition which will be held on Saturday 23 March 2024.

15 February  - Our Reg Mullard wild flora and fauna competition was judged by Roger Reynolds FRPS APAGB. There were 34 prints and 36 PDIs and, in what proved to be a strong competition, he judged Ann Smith's PDI of two dragonflies mating in flight as the overall winner, narrowly beating Tim Cheshire's winning print of Pintail ducks arriving.

Four-spotted chasers mating in flight by Ann Smith.

Pintail ducks arriving at evening sunlight by Tim Cheshire.

Those receiving awards in both print and PDI sections are shown in the table below.

  Print section   PDI section
  Photographer Title of print   Photographer Title of PDI
1st Tim Cheshire Pintail ducks arriving at evening sunlight 1st Ann Smith ** Four-spotted chasers mating in flight
2nd Paul Jenks Robin 2nd Miles Thompson Curlew
3rd Ron Boon Kingfisher 3rd Pete Baldrey Cotylorhiza tuberculata
HC Tim Cheshire Fritillary HC Donna Gorin Barn owl
HC Miles Thompson Barn owl HC Miles Thompson Dragonfly in flight
C Stefan Foryszewski Heron C Mike Hall Watchful Lioness with flies
C Ed Hull Ladybird grub C Angela Karney Red deer in long grass

** Overall winner in competition.     HC = Highly Commended;     C = Commended

8 February - A presentation Exploring the Italian Dolomites and Iceland with James Rushforth – an unexpected career in photography and guidebook writing.

In his talk James described his unexpected and fortuitous journey into outdoor and adventure photography and writing; from first picking up a camera in 2012 to his success at the British and International Photography awards just a decade later. James’ transient lifestyle, moving between the pale mountains of the Italian Dolomites to the wilds of Iceland, led to the creation of three photo-location guidebooks, showcasing his images and providing cultural and local information for visitors to his adopted regions. This presentation followed his natural progression from adventure to landscape photography, focusing on the logistics and creative nuances of both.

The pictures below, copyright of James Rushworth, are some examples from his talk.

JR Image 1   JR Image 2

1 February - Simon Street FRPS (10 awards) FIPF judged our 3rd PDI and Mono print competitions and gave a balanced critique of the 28 PDIs and 29 mono prints in both competitions, praising the club on the quality and diversity of all the images on show. In the PDI competition, after holding back 10 images, he awarded three images from Elizabeth Bulley, Donna Gorin and Mike Harrison the maximum score of 10 as shown below:

The winning PDIs were:

Keeping watch by Elizabeth Bulley and Plastic fantastic by Donna Gorin

Cock pheasant by Mike Harrison

In the Mono print competition, after holding back 9 images, he awarded the following images from Mike Hall, Chris Flood and Tim Cheshire 10 points:

Crowfoot glacier by Mike Hall and Peloton by Chris Flood

I spy with my little eye by Tim Cheshire



Latest News



Doors open at 7:45pm for 8:00pm start

Unless stated otherwise all club meetings in 2023-24 will be held in the school room at the rear of the Baptist Church in St James's Place, Cranleigh.

Thursday 18 April 2024

5th open Colour prints competition to be judged by David Smith LRPS CPAGB. The mounts of both prints must not exceed 500mm x 400mm in size.

Thursday 25 April 2024

Presentation - Mongolia – from Steppe to Eagle Hunters with Julian Elliott. This will be a Zoom only meeting. Click here for more details.

Thursday 2 May 2024

5th PDI + Mono prints open competition to be judged by Keith Newton LRPS. The mounts of both mono prints must not exceed 500mm x 400mm in size and for those entering the PDI competition please submit your two PDIs to Phil Copestick at::
by Sunday 28 April 2024.

Thursday 9 May 2024

'Show anything' evening where members can talk about and show images of their choice. A skill or technique that you've been experimenting with, or a genre of work that you enjoy making. Perhaps put together images of a subject/place you enjoy photographing. Or just your favourite photos that perhaps you wouldn't consider putting into a competition?
It'll be a relaxed evening, nothing has to be perfect, it is after all a 'show anything' evening!

The club programme for 2023-24 can be seen using the programme tab above.




There are no further outside club events planned at this point in time


Useful Links

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Other photography links:

SPA - Surrey Photographic Assoc.

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A presentation by Julian Elliott on 25 April 2024
Mongolia - From Steppe to Eagle Hunters. A journey from Mongolia's capital to the Altai in the country's far west.

Julian has been a professional landscape and travel photographer for over 10 years. Having started writing for a number of British UK photography magazines he started selling his work through the World renowned Getty Images. To date his work has sold in over 40 countries and he has traveled in nearly 40 countries capturing the world around him.

See how Julian's journey in this vast country unfolded and hear how he captured the vast landscapes and the people that inhabit them. Watch how he switches between from being a landscape photographer to travel to sports when the talk finishes with a look at the Eagle Festival.

1    2


Visitors welcome - Zoom meeting commences 7:45 for 8:00 pm start.

Registration fee for non-members £5.

Please register to join the on-line meeting using this email link.  Register for Meeting.

Please state on you request: "Julian Elliott presentation" as well as your own contact details.

After registering and prior to the presentation you will be sent an email link enabling you to join on the evening.


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